17 January 2010


i received a . or actually a warn from my dear friend through my blog...this is what my friend said

"had changed my URL add for my hate to spammer ralph he named pathetic is thattt...anyways..he spammed my chat box with massive unacceptable wordsss and totally made my day as bad as in helll. ok, i don't mind anymore today because when i told him about he had contaminated mybeloved blog..guess what that *** said..plez tell me what did i said in ur chat least just listen to my explaination..
ok..back to my point..what's the point of answered his call..ko ingat ko tu sapa???? dah buat salah xnak mengaku..what a jerk.
oooo he really screwed up my day..huh!
beware bloggers out there..this man is a very ungrateful friend and most important is he is not sensitive enough with people..maybe that explained he was hated once, and he is irresponsible.."

Well, she kinda pissed off with the blogger name ralph romez...but i understand what she felt....its really annoying...Thanks my dear friend for the warn and sharing with me ur new link...

by the way....i received another comment from anonymous...promote about nudity video and pic....he even said for 18 years old and above only.....this guy really crazy.....what funny....he or she just use anonymous....this person dont have the courage to tell us who is this my opinion....this person know who am i....probably my dear enemy..People who know me....they understand....if they wanna talk openly about sex or much wild stuff....i dunt bothers...for me....its just for our info....but if u asking this kind of stuff...i mean ask me to watch or see that kind of gonna be soooo furious ....

to this anonymous...Well...pls....if wanna comment...just comment bout my topic...not something else....ur lust....u can keep urself kay....


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