22 May 2013


Heyyy... I could not sleep... so.. here i am... writing a blog pouring all my thought into words... Im tired but maybe i think to much, so i really couldnt sleep that well this few days.. Just hoping my insomnia not coming back... During my insomnia year... it was HELL!!!! I even collapse at 4am at the corridor at my collage due to exhaustion, thank God im alright and most importantly my laptop survive the fall.

Right now, i thnk im addicted to blog AGAIN!! Im not saying it is a bad thing... it is actually a good thing because thats mean my blog will not be neglected again... The problem is... i might write something that i should be writing and might offended other peoples will all my thoughts... but hell... who cares...

I have been thinking a lot for the past year, where will i be and what will i be... a person worth to be friend and to be with OR just some useless fat girls who people doesnt bother to notice. No matter how ever it turns out... yet, i think i will be alright.. So far worked hard for everythingi do... no jumping stone to help me to get where i want... So far... most of my want to do list during my life as a University student has been done... What i want to do? Dont laugh at my childish list okayyyyy...

  1. I want to become student representative for my faculty (seen a lot in movie) - checked (Tough time become Head of Student Affair)
  2. I want to involve with community service as much as i could - checked ( Went to Home for blind people, helping  to improve the living at a village- help to decorate the school and brought kitchen stuff and food for each needed home, guiding students from high school to get thru their finals)
  3. I want to be a writer again -checked (become a head of Editor for my College)
  4. I want to involve not only with study, i want extra co-curricullum activities - checked (Swamp&Surfer for this list since to much things)
  5. I want people to recognize how worthed i am - checked ( Got invited to join training of trainers where ill be training other people to handle orientation week)
  6. I want to attend dinner night/prom - checked ( Invited into University Grand Event and went to class dinner)
  7. I want to be part organizing something important for the University - checked (Promoting Unimas in 4 different event)
  8. I want my name somewhere in school magazine - checked ( Surprise to found it - im a writer for few articles)
  9. I want to get at least 3.00 pointer for my GPA - checked (Got 3.14 last semester)
  10. I want to get dean list award - Losing hope but still trying
  11. I want to involve in University Orientation Week - Dont have time so stop trying... regretting it.. 
  12. I want to experience going back after 12 (our curfew for whom staying in the college) - checked ( Got back 5am coz doing assgnment/project at my friends since they all guys so instead they come to my place, i went to theirs)
  13. Losing weight - checked (lost 20 kg)

With everything i have done... im happy to be here...and i think no regret in the future, well actually im hoping no regret since ive tried doing everything in my power... nothing much i can do.... Alright... ive to get ready... Ive presentation later.... my presentation was postponed to the night class... im lazy like a pig to go, yet i have to... See you next time kay....